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Sprout Fund invests in Bright Breaks which uses artificial intelligence to boost Workplace Wellness, 7 minutes at a time

Feb 15, 2023

Edmonton, Alberta & Halifax, Nova Scotia – Feb 15, 2023

Sprout Fund has completed its seventh investment from Sprout Fund II into Nova Scotian employee wellness startup, Bright Breaks, along with Tidal Ventures, Innovacorp, Concrete Ventures, and a syndicate of sophisticated angels, in a $1.4m pre-seed round.

Bright Breaks (www.brightbreaks.com) is a unique corporate platform designed to counter the $190 billion global problem of employee burnout. It provides employees with access to hundreds of short wellness sessions each week called Bright Breaks, which encourage movement, breathing, stretching, learning, meditation, and yoga. Bright Breaks are delivered through optimally designed 7-minute sessions that employees participate in remotely, alone or with colleagues from around the globe. Bright uses artificial intelligence to recommend relevant Breaks based on interests, schedule, past activity, and social connections and automatically builds these into employee calendars.

“The COVID pandemic has dramatically shifted the workplace, especially how, when, and where employees work. One effect is that employees around the globe are experiencing ever growing levels of isolation and burnout, leading to the ‘great resignation’ and declines in productivity. Bright gives businesses a powerful way to deal with these problems. We’re excited to invest in solving this large and rapidly growing market need with this team of serial tech entrepreneurs,” stated Kristina Milke, Partner at Sprout Fund.

“We’re thrilled to have Sprout Fund invest in Bright Breaks. They ran a transparent and efficient due diligence process and met their promises. Their team has already shared helpful feedback and we are excited to leverage their support as we build towards a future Seed round,” stated David Howe, co-Founder and CEO. Financing from this round will be used to rapidly expand upon Bright’s impressive customer traction and expand its content catalog to appeal to greater numbers of employees and organizations, allowing it to move upmarket.

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