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We invest in innovative seed-stage tech companies
in Western Canada

Sprout Fund

Seed stage venture and mentor capital to accelerate the growth of Western Canadian B2B software startups… that’s what we provide. We recognize that the most successful founding teams, building the most globally relevant companies, demonstrate a unique blend of hustle and diversity. In addition to our active mentorship, our additional value-add comes from the diversity of our investment team and investor pool that are all successful entrepreneurs in industries ranging from crypto to real estate and from ed-tech to energy. If you are a great early-stage founder building a globally relevant B2B startup and have initial market traction, reach out to us at info@sproutfund.vc.

Meet The Team

Kristina Milke

General Partner

Shaheel Hooda

General Partner

Abhay Ghatpande

Senior Investment Associate

Sprout Community Partners

Lindsay Dodd

Director, Doddcor Ltd.

James Keirstead

President & CEO, Levven Electronics

Ian Paterson

CEO, Plurilock Security, Inc.

John Pinsent

Partner, St. Arnaud Pinsent Steman CPA’s

Rahim Nathu

VP Business Development, Fluid Biomed Inc.

Aroon Sequeira

Founder and Senior Advisor, Sequeira Partners

Craig Elias

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Bow Valley College