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Sprout Fund

Venture and Mentor Capital

Sprout Fund is a venture capital firm that invests in innovative seed-stage technology companies in Western Canada focused on B2B software markets

Looking for funding? Contact: info@sproutfund.vc

Venture and Mentor Capital Western Canada

Investing in innovative seed-stage Western Canadian tech companies

We’ve invested in the following markets: enterprise SaaS, property tech, health tech, gaming applications, fintech, mental health apps, workflow optimization software, no-code applications, payment apps, retail web apps, and many others!

Seed stage venture and mentor capital

Venture Growth

Seed stage venture and mentor capital to accelerate your growth

Mentorship & Advice

Mentorship & Advice

Help you grow your company quickly and efficiently

Investor Introductions

Investor Introductions

Raise additional follow-on funding for your startup

Our Companies

We recognize that the most successful founding teams, building the most globally relevant companies, demonstrate a unique blend of hustle and diversity

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See if we’re the right fit

Before you send us your investor deck, check out what we look for in an investment. The first three criteria – founding team, market opportunity, and product-market fit – are extremely important to us! The other things we consider below are helpful but not necessarily required to get a deal done with us.

We invest in innovative technology companies with these characteristics:

  • Founding Team

    Visionary, Committed, Coachable, Skilled, Aligned, with Market Fit

  • Market Opportunity

    Large, Growing, and Attractive; with a Manageable Competitive Landscape

  • Product Market Fit

    MVP + Initial Market Validation; Early Revenue and Growth Potential

Other things we consider in evaluating our venture capital investments:

  • Timing

    Supportive Market Trends; Not Too Early or Too Late, Just Right

  • Problem

    Big Pain; Customers Care About It + Are Willing to Pay

  • Customers

    Understand Who + How to Reach; Realistic Go to Market Strategy

  • Business Model

    Clear + Compelling; Increasing Scale Returns; Realizable Projections

  • Competitive Advantage

    Secret Sauce / Protective Moat for Product or Technology

  • Funding

    Smart Use; Enough to Reach Milestones; Series A Potential; Exit Opportunities

  • Deal Terms

    Valuation, Investment Amount, % Ownership; Cap Table; USA Terms



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